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Power has been out this morning!


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My UPS was beeping at me like crazy while the power company put in a new pole and transformer. If I'd had laptop I could have still played WOWS as it kept my modem and router running for four hours. 40 degrees and a twenty-five mile an hour wind. You gotta hand it to those linemen, they are always out in the bad weather trying to keep our power on. The whole town is getting new poles and transformers. We've had somewhat "dirty" power for years now and that probably will go a long way towards addressing it. Who knows how ancient the old pole and transformer were. They were there powering my neighbor's barn back when I was a kid. That old transformer was rusted so much it had started leaking.


So what did I do this morning? I got the first five books of the Odyssey re-read. I've not read it since I was taking a Greek and Roman mythology course while a grad student in philosophy some thirty years ago (a weird four-year hiatus from my EMS and science career science but still sort of fun). I've got Rouse's translation. It's a lot more enjoyable of a read when you don't have to have to study it for an assignment.

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There's a lot more "hospitality" in the Odyssey than I remember.

"Nestor... arranged for the steadfast son of divine Odysseus to sleep on a wooden bed... with Peisistratus... the only unmarried son left in the palace, beside him... then lovely Polycaste, Nestor's youngest daughter, bathed Telemachus. And when she had bathed him, she rubbed him with oil."


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