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Made it to Silver Tonight


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Rode Cataluna to Silver League tonight. I got carried to two stars while dead, watching a Cataluna outplay a well played Kidd, and I thought, “I can do that.”

And I did.

I saw the ship heal at T8 and move deftly to dodge torpedoes, and fire its MBRB (learned upon researching it was not MBRB, but a “funny button.”) I looked over its parameters, and I thought I could work it in T8 much like I did the Elli at T6.

 Isaw I was at T7 in the Tech Tree, so I threw down the FXP for the ship and all researchable modules, and fave ut a fairly conventional CL build.

In the first battle, I decided I couldn’t stand the Papa Noel ten-point captain I chucked in. So, I made a 17-point commander out of whole cloth for the remaining bottles.

The battle I ranked out in should have been a loss, as we were down on points and caps, and even on ships. Two of our BBs got into each of the red caps, but then one left before capping to chase the CV, with the reds at 892 points. So that put us in really deep points trouble.

But two of their BBs thought it more important to go head-on with our BBs, rather than pay attention to me and my mere 6000 HP, so me and my funny button dropped them to roll back the dire points crisis. Either BB should have dropped me, even by giving me a little attention.

As it was, one of our BBs capped after I finnished the guy who kept resetting him, and the BB who chased the CV, died to the CV

But, their mistakes gave me time afterward to get into the last red cap and stop the bleeding.

Their CV was the only guy who took me seriously all game long, and he doubled up on me when I got in their cap. Fortunately, our CV joined me in the cap, and his fighter and AA coverage helped me fend off their Yorktown’s attacks, and eventually we capped.

I had seen their Yorktown stalking around behind the islands that ringed my cap, and RPF made him an easy find. Although he had dropped smoke, my hydro found him and all of his remaining 104 HP, so I canned him with a quick shelling for the win.

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