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I don't recall in which topic it appeared, but some folks are apparently reaching their limit for uploaded images.  I did a quick comparison on a recent post and noted that this image is 1.54 MB if uploaded as a png file, but only 237 KB as a jpg.  If you're wondering on how to be more efficient because you're a prolific image poster... keep it in mind.

There is definitely a quality loss with a jpg (or jpeg), but not a big deal to me for most of the graphical content on the site.  This starts as a 1440p screen image and this is the .jpg 

Mods, please move where appropriate if there's another better location for this... or just ignore.  🙂


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The issue is known. Thanks for pointing out the size difference between png and jpg files. Thankfully, WoWS screenshots are in jpg format.

The fix, as far as we know, is to use an external image hosting service. We have a run down on what's available here:


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  • Admiral_Karasu changed the title to Image File Sizes - png vs jpg

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