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I reached a personal record in terms of Potential Damage


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Just recently I reached a personal record in terms of Potential Damage. Previously, it was 3.7M with the GK, which happened way back early 2020. I remember it was the enemy Minotaur and Shimakaze who contributed much to that. 

I made a new one when I earned 4,070,385 Potential Damage while playing the Petropavlovsk. This time, it was through the focused efforts of the enemy Neptune, Harugumo, Vermont, Pommern, and Smolensk, as I tried to hold their advance after our A flank collapsed.

At one point, I was down to 93hp with zero Repair Party left—while the in-game announcer was repeatedly reminding us: "The enemy is about to win!".



I did not place on the top 3 of our team scoreboard, but it was well worth it, stopping the enemy's advance while the other half of our team was finishing off the reds at C and B.

At the least it gave me 3 things: I got a Dreadnought, I made a new bar for me to hopefully breach in the future, and inflicted 100K damage.




Looking back at the experience, I could say it was fun, but it was a challenging exercise, dodging enemy fire and torpedoes from left and right while controlling my cruiser's speed to avoid getting blasted out of the battle. 



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