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This is such a crappy map for Co-Op...

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  • HogHammer changed the title to This is such a crappy map for Co-Op...
34 minutes ago, Musket22 said:

Please take it out of rotation and put the Ocean map in more often. Seychelles sucks!

Not a single ship spawned or tracked to left side.


While @Musket22 and I haven't always seen "eye to eye" on some in-game phenomena, I've got to agree on this occasion.
My experiences suggest that the 'Bots pathing on this map could be improved (a lot).

The large island requires a choice and a huge time commitment, which might not pay-off (because sometimes the intended targets sail away from A & B areas).

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Every map with tall, long islands has the same problem with its flank spawns. The map isn't the problem- the bots' target prioritization logic is. The maps where only one side has a wide obstruction are worse, if you get that side, but it happens on every map.

You can make a pretty good guess at where they'll be headed by where the lowest-HP player spawns, though. If you're on left flank in a T8 cruiser with no DD ahead, and there's a T6 sub over on right flank, that's where the bots are going; plot your intercept course from the start. You may get less damage than your average, but you won't be as likely to get completely shut out.

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Seychelles is the worst of my three hated maps, Seychelles, Shatter and Two Brothers. The last two were never ideal for COOP and then the distant spawns came in and it messed up what the bots did, principally totally ignoring the cap at their spawn and buggering off to another cap. Consequently it is not unknown for you to end up with no or very few targets on all of these maps.

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It seems that map spawn points were created by the same "efficiency expert" whom decided that central spawning increases throughput and decreases individual earning by 52% or some such numbers....  Alien Space Bat economy paradigms;  since,  they Grok the inherent economy of loss metrics as applied in single plane of existence economies....   IOW, most of us lose real value (fun and invested time) as they are rewarded by increased throughput volume...

There are Fun to Time calculations possible in more advanced games.......sadly, this game isn't among those games that GAC.....

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