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Discussion thread for potential future missile balancing.

Ensign Cthulhu

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Picked up from here: 

 Things got a touch off-topic for that thread, so here's a thread to thrash it out. 


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I contend that there is only one way WOWS can go and that is forward into the Cold War technologies....  Missiles are the tech since we are already ruining Homing Torpedoes to the point Homing Missiles might simply be too much forward.

Heck, we don't even had a counter to Homing Torpedoes;  because,  we lack SONAR and the several anti-torpedo counter measures they had...  Missiles are Radar Identifiable and chaff could disrupt targeting radars.....

Personally, before we get to Anti-Ship, I'd really like to see ASW, HARM and AA missiles.  Take one of the three and test it out.   Range would need to calculated to fit existing maps.  ASW would be a good start because the homing mechanic is LOS....

DD's would be the test bed and they'd give up one aft turret for the mount.

Your thoughts?

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17 hours ago, Asym said:

Your thoughts?

I think the easiest missile to balance is the Terrier BW-0. Being a beam rider, it's line-of-sight and the slew rate is limited by how fast the missile can adjust its course to stay inside the beam. Current turret-rotation limits could be used to model this. Contrary to what Wikipedia says, I think the initial range is only something like 10,000 yards (so call it 9.5 km, but I'll check Friedman tonight) with a minimum of 3,000-ish, the Pk is barely 0.5 at best, the reload is a nominal 30 seconds and I think it could be balanced as a surface-to-air weapon to counter T10 CVs and supercarriers. Having a missile to counter these 10km out is going to make nobody particularly unhappy. 

While I know you've got a soft spot for the Gyatt (which I share), I would pick USS Topeka as the missile ship, as she was the only one of the three Cleveland-class Terrier conversions to retain both forward 6-inch turrets... and Worcester doesn't yet have a supership above her, while Gearing does. I'd have to do some reading around exactly how many missiles she carried. A typical Terrier load-out was 20 per rail, which means she could technically run out if she fired them continuously in pairs. That would mean keeping separate track of missiles fired from rail A and rail B, since I'm not sure how possible it is to swap them between the rails. That brings us to how to manage loading, because if you fire one missile, you've either got to lock the other one out while the launcher swings around to load or, as with single-launch torpedoes, wait until you've fired the second one before you load both rails. 

IIRC the only Terrier ship able to fire continuously from one launcher for a full WOWS battle is Long Beach, whose forward Terrier launcher could access 80 missiles; i.e. 40 per rail firing every 30 seconds for 20 minutes. But I think even that modification was made after Terrier had become a SARH weapon and Long Beach had Talos also, well outside the balance considerations for this game. Missile ammunition limitations are going to be a thing here. 

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