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WW2 / Cold war Swedish Diesel Submarine with cool Drum mag torp loading (Im thinking T8 Premium Submarine in EU tech tree?)


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Dont remember if I posted this on old forum. This is a real Swedish diesel submarine "HMS Nordkaparen" from WW2 / Cold war era that's now a museum ship in Gothenburg. The sub has a in my mind quite unique Drum mag loading mechanism where it can autoload 8 torps in quick succession in 4 forward torp tubes by spinning the drum just like a revolver.


In a maneuver with Swedish Navy Submarine hunting helicopters, the helicopter pilot suddenly asked the commander of this Submarine Nordkaparen how many submarines that took part in the maneuver since they at that moment were tracking 2!!! The sub commander answered a bit baffled that they were the only submarine in this maneuver. It just happened that they had discovered a Russian submarine inside Swedish territory and Nordkaparen had to do some huge evasive maneuvers to not crash into the Russian sub and ended up missing it with about half a meter.


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