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Weekend Spree, 25 to 27 August 2023

Ensign Cthulhu

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Grabbed all the free stuff from the Navigator Tokens event, did my Naval Battles and finished retraining my Gearing commander.

Spammed Asturias a lot. Based on WOWS Wiki figures, I've finished the grind to the Cataluna and all that remains is to wait for the Spanish cruiser line to go live and buy her. Decided to defer promoting her commander to 21 points for a while as I don't want to do that until he's at least in the Tier 9 ship. So Dutch Dasha is going to get the promotion first and I'll finish off the Spaniard later. He can be grinding himself actively toward the top while his colleagues amass ECXP for the final jump.

Went and saw Oppenheimer. Very good film, but you have to be aware of Christopher Nolan's tendency to skip back and forward in time and to go heavy on the symbolism. 

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Welcomed the Brisbane to my Port and assigned Commander Matilda Kelly as her Captain.
Posted about it in the "Collector's Club" and the "If our Captains could talk..." topics.

Have been putting the Brisbane through her paces.  I'm enjoying the double rudder-shift configuration.  She's a "Gud 'Bote" in my opinion, at least in Co-op.  🙂
( 5 second rudder shift is even better than my best Italian Cruisers! )

Have been viewing @Lord_Zath's stream this afternoon.  Fun times.  🙂

Have already finished the Azur Lane Mission, the Spanish Cruiser missions, the Navigator Treasure missions, the Hidden Trail missions and the Dutch/Jaeger mission chains (some of which are expired by now).
Working with no special urgency on the Dockyard missions and free-to-play version of the Battle-Pass missions.
Earning "portal chips" with the Cruiser Clash mission, too.  Vive La France!  🙂

Locally there's been just enough rain to prevent outdoor lawn-care chores.

I'm waiting for books #3 and #4  of a Kim Harrison series to become available from my local library for me to begin reading.
I returned the Elizabeth Moon novel, "Into the Fire" after only reading a few chapters.  I was underwhelmed.

Weekends are too short.  🙂

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Seems I ran out of Event missions.....finally.  Dockyard to start again tomorrow.  Played a lot of RO's with friends and that is about it.  Too hot to shoot and the project's list is growing to the point I can't wait till fall.  Although, hunting is a mess at the moment because of the heat.

Decided to stay on Devstrike and see what happens.

Forgot:  hey Ensign, that Secretary desk is still for sale !  Not as fancy as mine but.........we haven't seen on in two years.  For those wondering what they are, here's mine.


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