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PTS issues?


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tried airship a couple of times, at the end of the count down on the player line window there is a pause and then back to port...

happened twice n a row

tried randoms same thing the first time, then i restarted the PTS client and tried again - only to find the trip back to port with an extra




this time i had to restart the puter to get out of wows


but i'm pretty sure i am the only one having this probnlem....just because.


i did do a check and repair last night, that could possible be an issue i guess


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19 minutes ago, Ensign Cthulhu said:

I've heard on the EU WG stream that the PTS is broken, has been pulled down for fixing, and will be restarted tomorrow.

I couldn't even log in now when I tried, so that seems to be the case.

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I was able to play 3 random games out of 10+ attempts, finished 3 missions and 4 sub tasks, got some live server awards.

Discord had announcement:


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