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So Tier X 5v5 brawls. What.a.nightmare.

I had tried mods twice before when my computer was a win 11 machine. They pretty much broke it so I deleted them and played plain.

Well, I was having other problems so I restored it to factory and it reset to win 1o which was running smooth as silk, even though it is asking for win 11; I've been ignoring it. My frames per second increased and steady and low pings, unlike with win 11 previously.

Last night I thought I would try Aslain's again. Everything is working fine.

So I'm using the MM i.d. programs from Aslain's and I've been playing brawls since Monday. I was under the impression before the mod that the brawl match maker kept track of your brawl win rate in order to match. But I quickly realised with the mod that it is using the random winrate as the skill point for MM as my team and the enemy team were roughly the same win rate and damage production.

Both teams - mine and mine enemy were absolute rubbish all day. My win rate is 46.28 and climbing but I usually don't get to randoms until the weekend. During the week brawls usually lasts 1-2 days for the mission for 1ok coal and then maybe some ranked a little and then naval battles on the week-end with some extra randoms. 

Many of the guys were in the 4o's percent wise, some in the high 3o's. But what was terrifying is the guys in the 4o's with over 1o,ooo+ battles. They will never be able to make their account right - let's say to just reach 5o% would take an eternity. In order for me to get to 46.3% it takes one win and one loss of a 5o% to move a hundredth of a percent and that is with a little over 2k battles in randoms. I have been know to play 3o randoms in a day and that is a long day. Lately it is approximately 1/2 of that. On 1v2 brawls I've done 8o matches and finished the coal goal in one day. But that is playing quite hard for about 14 hours. I've learned to take it a little slower and it is helping me improve.

So what you have in the spirit of a 'skill based MM' as is touted with the brawls mode of play, is really a bunch of 'ne'er do wells' pitted against each other. Every one of these matches 'could go either way'. They are really that close.

I really enjoy most of the brawls - various tiers. But this Tier X one has been extremely tough. I have only played enough this week to finish the event pass for the day as I was a bit burnt from the christmas season. Tonight I finished the dockyard for the week so I played extra. Usually, I am about 5o% in brawls for a given day but not to-day. Defeats were a-plenty. It was a 4o% day. Which is interesting given the competition and the team mates.

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