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Explodium-which ship seems to detonate almost instantly.


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As a more fun post which ships are made of explodium -

Which ship would you say  detonates the fastest.

For me Omaha "A no smoking ship".

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I get tons of cits on spanish cruisers. Sometimes with HE. Sometimes with a DD. It's a wonder anyone wants to fight those ships. They never seem to last - and worse, they never seem to learn from going broadside. These ships you can just slap silly.

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GC is my most-played ship, and I LOVE to see “Omaha Steaks” on the red team roster. To me,  they’re made of Cha-Chingonite. And I love the guys who play them - if, on the of chance you DON’T drop them in one shot, they realize they’re broadside to you and how do they fix it??? - By turning a perfect 180, giving you the broadside again!!

Glass cannon or glass jaw? Neither. Just a glass pincusion.

Even Phoenix is harder to drop.

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Hands down the Galicia seems the most explosion prone of them all cruiser wise. The Emerald for being almost the exact same armor scheme at least has its exposed citadel deck at 40mm instead of 25mm!


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Explodium ship as in eat citadels like nothing or detonate with every second hit?


hard to beat omaha when it comes to eating citadels, may be hawkins that has an even bigger citadel and just enough armor to arm anything outside out bounce angles

as for detonations let's say i played my first 15-20 matchs in the oster without det flag and 1/3 of my death were detonations 😆


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