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24.01.2024 10:00 CLOSED TEST 13.0 - CHANGES TO TEST SHIPS


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24.01.2024 10:00

Based on testing results, we're applying changes to Commonwealth cruisers

Commonwealth Cruisers Red Fort, Tier V, Hobart, Tier VI, Auckland, Tier VIII, Encounter, Tier IX, Cerberus, Tier X

Reduced the splash area of the Depth Charges - the radius in which flooding and fires may occur - to be equal to the damage area.
Other cruisers in the Commonwealth Cruiser line will receive this change at a later date


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On 1/24/2024 at 11:09 AM, Malum0ne said:

Commonwealth Cruisers Red Fort, Tier V

This amuses me. I’ve long suspected that the devs don’t have actual humans translating (or even proofreading) certain documents, and this substitution of “Delhi” for “Red Fort” seems to confirm it.

Edit: I missed the memo that WG still doesn’t have a model for Delhi and is testing a “similar” hull in its place with the placeholder name “Red Fort.” This is still all kinds of odd given that the ship is still in closed test (along with Uganda, she was not added to the live server in 13.0 for testing alongside the other ships in the line), so it’s not like anyone is going to be seeing the “wrong” Delhi model anyways.

This does raise the question of just what is taking Delhi’s model so much longer for the devs to model, though, especially considering so much of it will use recycled assets (its a modified Leander-class).

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