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Lost battle


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Sometimes it doesn't matter how well you do when your team is not very good -- as has become a new norm.  None of the 12 ships sunk were transports; most were done in the harbor during a last stand.  Did get a 68% hit rate but that's not hard when the enemy is less than 3 km away.  The finale was vs 4 bots, it didn't take much imagination to figure out how that would end, I was just surprised that it didn't end much sooner.

OP wasted due to bad teams.png

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Guest Capt_of_Satisfaction

Yeah, it does happen. You just can’t control your team.  Good game!


On a sidenote: we have a topic for Operations and Scenarios. It is pinned at the top of the general discussion section.  🫡

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I was in that OPs area when I clicked on "start new topic" not thinking it would go back out into general discussion.  I don't see a way to delete or move it as I didn't intend for it to be in the general discussion anyway, so feel free to delete or move it.  It's nothing of real note anyway.

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