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New Game by Wargaming - Cold War


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Just heard on AndytheCupid's twitch stream: Wargaming is about to release (tomorrow, 18th Jan. 2024) videos of their new game, in alpha testing if I heard right. Named Cold War.

Anyone hear something about it?


Edit 1: Caution- I may have got just about everything in this report wrongly. Heard it in the background.

Edit 2: NDA lifts tomorrow. AndytheCupid might show the game tomorrow or day after.


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34 minutes ago, HogHammer said:

Interesting comments from about the 32:00 mark and forward.

QuickyBaby is cool but maybe a little controversial.  I do like what he said about free to play being a perfectly ok way to play considering future games are going up in price from 70 dollars us to 80 or even 100 dollars.

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