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Brawl is hilarious!

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I fixed two captains to-day [42o k of cexp] and finished the dockyard for the week. But I have 2 more brawl missions or 1o wins to get yet. I do about 5o% no matter what mode I'm in, sometimes a little worse but no, not streams of winning for me. I carried some, got carried by some and had some real weird matches at times.

Brawls is good fun. Some people don't like it and I really can't understand it. Mostly no subs, no cvs, no sniping, no problems. Just get in there and fight.

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In 1 v 1 brawls, draws are quite common because you have some boneheads just intending to ram you and not even fight.

In this brawl, yester-day I had one draw out of 8o some odd battles. I got rammed but what was interesting is the actual points were in my team's favour. So I don't understand how they calculated the draw. In 1 v 1 the points are static at all times. If you win you get 125o, if you lose you get 25o no matter what you do. 

This morning I had to finish 1o battles for the last two brawl missions. Won 5 lost one and won 5 more right quick. If anything, it was pretty lucky. I love the rewards, the extra cexp and the coal.


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