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N.A. server down, for the moment. January 14th., 2024 19:00 Hours.


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It's only a Sunday night on a holiday weekend, why would they expect there to be more people playing right???? Of course since they killed the forum they have no way of telling us that they are down. 

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1 minute ago, Wolfswetpaws said:

N.A. server down, for the moment.  January 14th., 2024  19:00 Hours.

Guess I'll get out my guitar and practice B minor some more. Lots of songs use it and I haven't mastered it yet. I probably only have about 15 years left to get that chord down too. For 60 years, if it wasn't G, C and D, I didn't play it.

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Official WG shleck from disord


Ravageownz [NA]b650c7bbcf82f8ce687b1f67a7999793.webp?siToday at 6:42 PM

NA Server is unavailable Dear Captains, The NA server is currently unavailable due to technical issues. We are doing our best to fix the problem within the shortest time possible. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll touch base shortly with more information
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2 minutes ago, MysticalWar said:

Chat server available now and everything seems to be back to normal. 

You must be on a different server than the rest of us.

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Affecting NA for sure and supposedly EU as well (haven’t seen anything from SEA either way). It’s come back up and back down at least once already. Took down ships, tanks, and even planes? All web services down too, including the premium shop?

Clearly the server hamster uprising has begun. And I for one welcome our new hamster overlords. 

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