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The 'cannot be sold' items in your Inventory

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I've never understood WG not allowing a player to sell or, otherwise, remove anything they would want to from their Inventory.

The list of 'cannot be sold' items in my Inventory is becoming rediculously long ...

So many Idiot/Ugly flags

So many Ugly Perma-Camos

A number of Stock Ship Modules

I will never use or display any of these butt ugly and/or useless items. I'm sure (if I was a betting type) the majority of the player base would agree with this sentiment.

Ofc, most of us here know how extremely finely tuned WG is to their player base feed back.

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agree. There is already a useless "Ship's Log" 😂. Soon the “Property” section will turn into a useless section “Collection of useless property”😂

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6 hours ago, Aethervox said:

I will never use or display any of these butt ugly and/or useless items.

I resent this insulting remark! What did I ever do to you?? I may not be the best, but I’m far from useless!!!

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And they give you things that you cannot sell that you don't even need. Why do I need to have all the supership upgrades in the inventory when I don't own any of them ? I can understand that for premiums I own ... but why superships that I don't have ?

Same for camos for ships I never owned and never will (from various bundles/events etc.), why can't we sell orphaned items ?

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