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Imbalanced Matchmaking

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I enjoy derping around in the Tier 2 battleships Mikasa. Here I am, as Astrogoon7.

But here, it wasn't so much fun.

Look at the starting line-up.

First of all, the Reds have 12 ships, the Greens only have 9.   ???

Second, the Greens only have 2 human captains, myself and the Nassau. The Reds have 5 human players, including an extra Tier 3 battleship, an extra Tier 3 destroyer and an extra Tier 2 cruiser. Some handy extras, I would say. ???

Manouevring to deal with the human Wickes while being picked off by two other Red human players at their leisure wasn't quite my idea of fairness or of fun.

Any other examples of gross matchmaking imbalance?

Matchmaking 1.png

Matchmaking 2.png

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3 minutes ago, xamdam said:

When's the last time you PAID your dues? 😉

No whaling on this Alt account.  However, I did BUY a couple of ships on it recently.

What size whale is required?

How much do you need to spend (per month) to qualify for 12 v 12 matchmaking rather than the punitive 9 v 12?

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Oh wow, haven’t seen that bug in a while. I don’t recall if the “fail” part of the fail div had anything to do with it, but I do remember that there was something where MM just wasn’t counting the divisioned ships when making teams sometimes.

Definitely send the replay to support so they can figure out what’s broken this time and if it was a one off or something that needs to be patched again. 

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