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May be the most epic pull imaginable.

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Yup those temp camo's are pretty epic...

I think that the magical epic pull would be the 3 S's - Smolensk, Smaland and Somers

But that is a darn nice haul. I got the Missouri and the Kutuzof out of supercontainers so I've probably used my luck for pulls - explaining why I am getting "stellar" ships like the krispy kreme and Makarov (because everyone needs a Makarov right?)

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12 hours ago, Titus_Pullo_13 said:


I can think of several other ships that might easily be substituted (e.g. one of the Kamikaze sisters), but yeah, that's pretty spectacular!

11 hours ago, Titus_Pullo_13 said:

Wow.. i'm amazed at the accuracy of Missouri. I hate the Iowa. 

I thought the Iowa was ok, but having pulled the Missouri myself this year, I'm beginning to regret not whaling her before the economic changes. 

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