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Never done this before:

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Almost 119K BB main damage over 17 minutes on a relatively small map, and received ZERO damage.

Granted, I was a top tier alpha dog at T6, but I was in range to multiple reds most of the game.  Not a scratch.  Well, I guess those tinks scratched the paint, but zero damage.

And to top it off, I even got a Confederate that activated Halsey's skill for 20% main load reduction (from 30 sec down to 24 sec), but too late to help.  Just pretty fireworks.




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1 hour ago, Daniel_Allan_Clark said:

Sometimes your positioning is on point and no one shoots at you.

Good point (pun not intended).  I had a decision to make at spawn.  I was the main BB between a flank and the mid cap.  Decision to push the flank or migrate to the mid cap.  I could still cover the flank, but just not as well as actually pushing it.  The strategic decision common to slow US BB in general...when in doubt, positoin middle.  So, that's where I went.  I was just not the best target most of the time.  Lots of PT hits, but seldom followed up by an actual shot.  And those 16 inchers are like god AP when shooting at T5 and T6 ships. Dispersion is wonky at that tier, but the law of averages will eventually play out if the game gives you time and the reds give you broadside targets (which they did).  In this game, to the tune of 9 cits.

It was still close up toward the end, to the point a red player considered it a throw by their team.  I was a bit antsy at one point, but despite appearances, it was ultimately our game to lose.  The team around me performed admirably (pun intended).

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