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Light cruiser Tone - What alternate versions of existing ships would you like to see

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Atago and Mogami have 5 turrets i am talking six to eight turrets, also did you see the layout of the bottom that four turrets up front triple barrel i don't think that design is in the game. what i was talking about is Tone heavy and light only remove the carrier portion and add more guns not a total redesign of the ship.

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Yodo exists at tier X with 6x3 of the notably inferior 150mm guns with a slow reload on a fragile and clumsy hull. I’d hate to see how WG would implement a ship with the same or larger number of the superior 155mm guns found on Mogami and Omono.

In response to the question posed in the thread title, I’d like to see the post-Midway reconstructed version of Mogami with her two aft turrets removed and fitted with aviation facilities similar to the Tone-class.

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