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Mega Crates after you have all the ships? Worth it apparently.

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With all the dubs , certs etc I got from Megas this year I got 20 more ..

WG had mercy on me and I didn't get anymore PT 😁

But I got 5252 STEEL ( with bonus ) To bring my total to almost 91K

and 26, 250 Coal ( same ) now back to over 2M

YMMV as always but I wouldn't have spent hard Cash for them.

Still will get a few more from Certs and DY but it's been a good Run.

That is all

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I don't have all the possible ships...not even close.  There are probably a couple of dozen I don't have, but only Lenin and Gremyashchy interest me.

I did buy some Mega Santa crates, but only 8 of them for $34.  No ships from those, but from two 8 packs for doubloons I already had and from the free ones for owning T10's, certificates from Holidays in Santa City (Battle Pass), and other freebies, I have done pretty well:

  1. W. Virginia '44
  2. Leipzig
  3. K. Schonberg
  4. Alliance
  5. Kearsarge
  6. Tiger '59
  7. Rochester
  8. Fujin  (already have Kamikaze R from the Project R event in Feb '16, so it's just a colorful duplicate)

From Holidays in Santa City I got Scharnhorst '43 and Stord '43.

From Salvage for Victory I got Elli, F. Ferruccio, Defence, and Kitakami.

Michelangelo is on its way from the Dock Yard event, along with a few more Mega Santa crates.

I won't buy any more, because I know even if I pull a ship it will be a CV or some other ship I have barely heard of.  Still, this is the most ships I have obtained during a Christmas holiday event since 2015.

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I had all the ships I wanted, which is not all of them, but I paid for the battle pass in order to get the Stord 43 and the historical captains... and the second of the Megas those certificates got me had the Missouri. So despite only three ships this year (four if you count the Alliance I got in the PTS, LOL), one of them was one of the most sought after of the banned ships and the market value for the paid BP's contents is more than I paid anyway.  


Apart from that, no need for paid crates for me any more.

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1 got one mega crate with the certificates. Its was 2500 dubs, which gives me enough free dubs for either tier 6 BB I've been wanting. Actually both if I wait a month for my birthday and the 100% dubs back coupon lol 

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