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The LST Building at Fort Knox


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Someone the other day reacted to me referring to the LST building at Fort Knox.   The Army actually created an exact replica of the LST to train soldiers and sailors in their "storage requirements" when loading and unloading tanks.


I know some people have replied that it was "in my imagination" and that the Patton Museum would never use such a building so:

I spent lot of time researching the MBT-70/XM-803 that was stored in this building.  Again, a few simply doubted me.  So,


and to give you an idea of what else was in there......


A local tank collector's full time restoration manager didn't think I was serious till I showed him these pictures....

Yes, this isn't World of Tanks  !  But, this in an exact replica of a WW2 LST and, it is fascinating to see !!!

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By the way, this should have been the next light tank instead of the Booker.

MBT-70_Turret-586834982.thumb.jpg.763d915a0c99245e1ae1135c727f5516.jpg.c8ac3cdeff8a93466eed81bd2fbfe9a0.jpg  add a xm-214 in the 20mm aux storage cylinder for anti missile defense

Replace the existing main gun for the 50mm chain gun (forward ejecting cases and a spiral feed assembly that auto loads from the rear turret.  M240 coax.  

We were discussing decades ago a M-19, long barrel version, mounted to the Cdr's turret side and slaved to the main gun in an composite armored box assy....

Give the driver a VR system as well as the improved vision blocks. 

Add 4x the FTGM-124 and and add 4x FIM-92K or later versions, in armored, tilt up containers mounted onto rear of the turret (incorporate them into the bustle rack).

Change the Armor composition to make it 10 tons lighter.


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