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Get the New Year camos for the santa trees if you have them available...

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...In another thread, @Kruzenstern pointed out that we can turn off the Scarlet Thunder's horrific space themed camo and "underneath" it you get a normal camo.  BTW, in that thread @Pugilistic came up with the best name for S. Thunder:  "Crimson Whatisit"

Just realized that it works with the festival themed camo's also, so the 16 tree and 20 tree (T8 and T9) New year camos are also in that category.  If you bought crates and have the spare "tree"s, get the assignable camos for your rising TT boats!

Love it when something useful happens via the forums!

Thanks @Kruzenstern and the rest of the forum folk!

The other thread... If this is the right way to reference it...  I may have a recursion nightmare from this...


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