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Salvage for victory


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So I like this event I have obtained the 4 santa crates the tier 6 Elli and the tier 8 Ferruccio.

It works good for me because I had lots of coal and 306k RB and I also used my premium time.

IMHO it's a good time to use your premium if you have extra because you can restock it while the half price Christmas sale is on . 47.99 for a years worth of premium time is a great deal if you have the money. It's like 15 cents a day if your going to spend any money I think this is a value play that's worth it

I also had a ton of RB points that I didn't use because I dont play a lot of tier 10 games so I only obtained 2 BBs so far.

I like that these are mid tier CA and easier for me to play then the tier 10 so I picked them up

I know some people think this is just a resourse drain but if you have it this seems like it could be a good spot to use it. You can't hold onto it for ever the only resource I refuse to use for this is steel it's just to valuable.



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