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Which ship (or ships) is your favourite?


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OMG, this is almost a reversed version of my last post

Anyway, making this post will let us know which ships are heartthrobs

my favorite ships are kearsarge and yamato(Not ARP yamato)

I like kearsarge because her front is beautiful enough, when I first saw her front, I couldn't wait to spend money to buy her(That sounds more like a human trade =(    )

I like Yamato, purely because her main battery is attractive enough, and the gameplay is simple and easy to understand, without requiring too many complicated operations

I think I've finished introducing my two favorite ships, I'd like to know which one (or ships) you like the most

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My favorite Ship is Salem.

She can do everything. When I play her it feels like I play a different game compared to every other ship the enemies play. So many possibilities, barely any weaknesses.

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Hmmm, mine might be Haida:

  • She looks pretty.
  • I actually like playing the game version a lot.
  • I also have a soft-spot for her, as I live about twenty or so minutes drive from the real thing.
  • Bonus points for Mighty Secondaries (fear me!):


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Good at everything. Plus, the USN CV line was why I got into the game...of course, this was back in the RTS CV days, with full on Air Support builds...but those days are gone.

Mikasa - most fun ship in the game.

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20 minutes ago, EXEC_HYMNE_Ar_tonelico said:
20 分钟前,EXEC_HYMNE_Ar_tonelico 说:

My favorite Ship is Salem.

She can do everything. When I play her it feels like I play a different game compared to every other ship the enemies play. So many possibilities, barely any weaknesses.

So u r Yosha_AtaIante?I've seen you show off your salem feats, that's great. Maybe someday you can share your tips on playing salem.


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I first focused on the US Cruiser line. As I progressed along it, I got the Helena and was very happy with her. Then I got the Salem for coal and she's become my home.  I've doubtless played more games in the Salem than the rest combined at this point.

It's not just that the zombie heal lets me get away with things ... I just love the dacca and I have a TON of fun in the Salem.

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Coop main here and my favorite is Atlanta. She's an ideal ship for coop and is by far my most played.

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Double torp Yugimo no smoke

Akizuki before the nerf

T8 fubuki before they changed it




But wait for it 

now its subs

U2501 is awesome

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1.) Asashio
2.) Asashio B
3.) Nikolai Imperator
4.) Fujin/Kamakaze/Kamakaze R
5.) Agincourt
6.) Rio de Janeiro
7.) Giulio Cesare
8.) Iwaki Alpha
9.) Scharnhorst
10.) Scharnhorst B

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This topic reminded me of the difficulty of choosing, and a post I entered into a story contest, once upon a time.


Journal entry, the 31st. of October in the year 2021

I was attending a meeting of the Halloween Decoration Committee, in an effort to keep my finger on the pulse of the our Port's community.  
The session was open to the public and the floor-seats were filled and several people were standing at the edges of the room.
A number of anonymous proposals, submitted on note-cards prior to the start of the meeting, were being drawn at random from a hat.
Commander Marine Houshou, Chair of the Committee, read the most recently drawn card aloud, "Suggestion to Decorate our ships like the Hotel Overlook in the movie *The Shining*".

Commander Moeka China stood up and loudly proclaimed, "The Yamato Is Not A Hotel !!!"
Commander ARP Yamato also stood up and expressed her support of Commander China in words that do not easily translate.

Commander Marine Houshou, sensing the mood of the crowd, looked at her wrist and said, "Oh, look at the time.  We're due for our scheduled break.  15-minute recess, everyone."

Along with the crowd, I ventured out of the meeting hall to stretch my legs and get some fresh air, exchanging pleasantries with several Citizens along the way.
Eventually I arrived outside the building and on the sidewalk.
The autumn air was crisp, and conducive to wearing elaborate Halloween costumes.

Two women approached me head-on, their eyes bright as gun-flashes, namely Commander Mina Hurray and Commander Dasha Perova.
"We have a situation that only you can help with", said Mina, by way of greeting.
"Which of our ships is the spookiest?  The Urashima or my Benson with the Ghoul camouflage?", asked Dasha.

In a moment, my happiness was brushed aside by a tidal-wave of growing apprehension and I began to comprehend the true horror of the trap I was caught in.



  Reveal hidden contents

I have enjoyed reading this topic and the many excellent contributions made by their authors.  
Best wishes to everyone, and, Happy Halloween.









There were a number of entertaining stories in that topic.  🙂

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For me it's hard to single out one particular "favourite" from the enormous (and continuously expanding) pool of ships featured in World of Warships. Though a list of all those that has left a positive impression on me may be compiled...

Kuma. 2018 CN Server, when Patch 0.7.3 stood still. How I enjoyed World of Warships originally.
Yamato. For the sake of proving one's commitment towards the exploration of the part of naval history this game covered (and the only research-able Tier X with permacamouflage and economic bonus, thanks to the HSF Collab).
Jean Bart. First higher-tiered Freemium earned by coal (Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya is the very first one earned with coal).
Thunderer. First Tier X earned by coal.
Texas. First premium earned for free from events.
Gorizia. First Xmas event ship earned.
ARP Myoko, among the first freely-earned event ships and it was during the fateful Winter 2019~2020.
Oklahoma, Strasbourg and Novorossiysk, three later Winter event ships that earned for free.
Jaeger and Somme, later event ships that earned for free.
Sun Yat-Sen, the few premium ships that arouse a considerable desire of purchasing. Yes, that ship.
Riga, primarily for being aesthetically pleasing for me.
King George V (especially before the citadel nerf), how the game can be in a simple, even brain-dead mode.
Anshan, successfully earned in New Year event.
Atlantico, the dockyard event ship that has been proved to be the most useful (as well as being unique enough) for me.
Emile Bertin and Podvoisky. For practicing speed-tanking and gunboating is much easier at Tier V.
Republique. Strangely the first Tier X battleship that leaves a largely positive impression on me.

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Roma, hands down.

Solid ship, no gimmicks, looks good.

And I had several Italian players tell me stories, of family members either involved in constructions or onboard when she sank.

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USS Washington BB-56.

Oh. You meant in the game. Then it's the Kidd. Just a comfortable, flexible, all-around great destroyer.

Wargaming, where's my USS Washington/Willis Lee commander bundle...

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Guest Capt_of_Satisfaction

That's really tough!  That's almost like asking favorite car to a car geek like me.

Tech Tree:

Clemson, Farragut, Fubuki, Akatsuki, Lightning, Daring, Fiji, Baltimore, Des Moines, Montana, Schliefflen.



Kidd, Atlanta, Mutsu, G Cesare, Leningrad, Atago, Belfast, Mainz, Bayard, Kutuzov, J Bart, Alaska, Tirpitz, Bourgogne

Vampire II and Marceau are climbing fast :-)

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I’m a big fan of German heavy cruisers, with the sole exception of Roon. It’s by far my most reset line and the only tier X I’ve ever paid to put a camo on (back before the economic rework when camos gave bonuses) is Hindenburg. The introduction of submarines and being stuck with depth charges has reduced the fun a bit, but I still enjoy playing the German cruiser line more than any other.

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