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What ship would you convert into a carrier/Carrier hybrid, or even crazier what carrier would you convert into a cruiser or battleship


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Alaska Large Cruiser

Photo #: S-511-50  "Aircraft Carrier, Converted from 12" Cruiser (Class CB 1-6)"
Title: "Aircraft Carrier, Converted from 12" Cruiser (Class CB 1-6)"
Description: Photo #: S-511-50 Aircraft Carrier, Converted from 12 Cruiser (Class CB 1-6) Preliminary design plan prepared for the General Board as part of an exploration of carrier conversions of warship hulls then under construction. This plan, marked Advance Print and dated 3 January 1942, represents the conversion of Alaska class large cruiser hulls. It would have produced a ship similar in external appearance to the Essex (CV-9) class, but with lower freeboard, only two aircraft elevators, one catapult, and an 839' long flight deck somewhat offset to the port side. Aircraft capacity would have been lower than in the Essex design, with markedly reduced steaming endurance and modest anti-torpedo protection for the hull sides. The original plan is in the 1939-1944 Spring Styles Book held by the Naval History and Heritage Command. U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.
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