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Opinion on Michelangelo? Would love to know what others think.


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Are you getting her? Why / why not?

Have you got the chance to play test the thing? How does she do? (I've seen YouTubers played it and I'm not all that impressed)

How is the ship compared to Schroder? (not Napoli, it's a tier higher and a different beast)

How're you going to build her?


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Keeping in mind that most people that have played her are still going to be under NDA until tomorrow… (currently, only CCs and the Wiki team are out of NDA until it the update goes live)


I was never a big fan of her. It’s fun when you can push into a cap with a destroyer and delete the unlucky enemy DD that got caught in your secondary range. But otherwise I didn’t particularly enjoy it. The main battery layout really doesn’t work in the game in my opinion. You need to show a fair amount of side to use them, which means you either sit back where your main feature is useless or you get close and risk getting smacked. And you can’t fire directly forward or backward, you’re entirely reliant on your secondaries to shoot something there.

I’ve seen some good games from the CC reviews, but most of them are going to be cherry picked games.

If you like secondaries and want the ship that’s all secondaries, this is your boat. I still think Napoli’s the better comparison, since they’re both Italian cruisers with good armor, exhaust smoke, and SAP secondaries. But Napoli or Schroeder, I’d probably pick those over Michelangelo. It has the smoke and torp advantage over Schroeder, but the (lack of) main gun usability really hurts it. 

If you’re going to get it, there’s no point doing anything besides going all into secondaries. Otherwise, just play another ship. Depending on what the missions are, I might get it, but this is one of the closest ships to the “could probably skip this one” end of the dockyard ship list. 

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