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Italian ships in Asymmetric Lauria or Colombo?


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In the Asymmetric battles I sometimes play to grind ships and sometimes it is the captains. Now for Italy I have only Sansonetti at 21. 

Therefor it is when I am finished with the regrind of FR DDs and German cruisers for the Kitikami time to look for captains to improve.

In turn is the Colombo, currently at 15. While I can grind hundreds of ships for elite Xp, let us say I for psychological resons like to grind a captain in the nation concerned.

So have any of you played Colombo or Lauria in asymmetric? + if you have played both. The economy is of less concern,  which do you find most success in. i can play Napoli too but which of the two BBs and why do you do your choice. Do they work OK both or do you prefer one of them?


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