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Changes to the EULA


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Oh sorry for making an extra topic. I didn't see we already had one. May I however request to move the existing topic to this sub-section? The off-topic section is not the place where I would expect a discussion on the game but more like discussions about pets, crypto-currencies or other ... well ... off-topics.

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My guess is that this change did not come from the top of WG but rather from the legal department.  I've seen changes similar to those made by other companies in gaming as well recently.  My other guess is that some countries or regions changed regulations in some manner, hence the need for legal beagles to make relative changes to conform with regulations.  That is usually how it works, but again, just a guess.   @Tpaktop2_1 NA provides a link that addresses this more and a comment from a CC for WoWs.

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