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When Seals Attack


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Seal Clubbing can get very interesting when they team up on you...

Going into the final 13 minutes of the game, it's SEVEN on TWO.  Five of the seven are human, two are bots.  Here was the situation at the height of the match.



And ten minutes later when the game ended.


That was a crazy game.

Kudos to the enemy DDs.  Ya'll did good tactically  Clemson, killing our DD trying to cap and then coming back to attack our cap was sound strategic play.  Your tactical charge was sound, but your health was low and you were one salvo killable by me.  A better strategic play would have been to cap.  Even if I was eventulaly able to push you out, you still win on points.  But I understand the aggressive play at a point where a kill ends the game and you have plenty of help.  And V-125 at the end, that's what you do if you gotta kill the BB.  Excellent drive for a point blank attack.  Might have ended differently If my salvo didn't get you at the merge.  Not to mention the only reason I could turn into you was the final BB was a bot and they can't aim..so I could sprawl out naked broadside at what wouldl otherwise be multi-cit range.   If you had a human in that BB, you win.  That said....you could have run and won.  I can't catch you and I can't see you, and there is no way I get points before the game ends.  But I can't fault your end play tactically.  You'll do well as a DD captan with that kind of aggression to finish a BB.


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Y'all had an Agincourt and Cesare...odds were in your favor from the start. Plus your side having a real CV player vs. a potato looks like it helped. But that being said, low tiers are the new fun place to play in WOWS if you want pure old school gimmick free, sub free gaming.

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