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4 stage Daily Trial - Verdict


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I like it!

Coupled with the 4 am start EDT, I can complete my dailies and move on to more interesting tasks very quickly.



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For this patch my daily trial is:

300 BXP for 2 BP points

500 BXP for 2 points

1000 BXP for 2 points

1200 BXP in wins for 2 points

2 more BP points making 10 for completing all four. 

It's much nicer than the daily trials from previous battle passes; it completes in usually 4-6 games. I assume he's seeing the same.

Too bad there's nothing I want above level 40 this time around - I could really push my level up if there was. 😆

I assume this is part of the experiments with battle pass missions WG has been openly doing the last two patches.

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2 hours ago, Wolfswetpaws said:

Is there a link to what you're talking about, @Efros?

I assume the OP is referring to the way my daily tasks for the battlepass have been this patch cycle. It has been a nice change from the older setup.

4 stages, 2 points per stage with 2 more when you finish the chain. 300 bxp, 500bxp, 1000bxp, and 1200 bxp on wins, nice and low key to complete.

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Can someone explain to me where are my all phases like it was before (daily) and what happened with weekly BP phases??? Tnx 

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