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On Posting Content from Other Sites


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Folks, fellow forumites, there's been a flurry of posts including copy/pasted sections of text and images from other sites. We bring your attention to a few important points.

For text: Although we do appreciate the efforts made and interest in conveying information of particular value to the community, copy/pasted text sections should be avoided. Smaller snippets are acceptable, providing proper mention is made to the source and providing there is no breach of copyright. For longer texts of interest, if the aim is to convey the information as is, then a simple link to the full text is adequate. DevStrike! is not a repository for cloned pages of Wikipedia material, even though Wikipedia.org may allow such reproduction (see below). If a deeper analysis or debate of the text is intended, consider using said source as reference material for your own essay or argument on the subject – this will allow you to bring other relevant sources into your analysis as well. We will be contacting members posting such threads with suggestions on converting them to the appropriate format.

For text, images, and video material, note that copyright permissions must be obtained or granted to the person posting for the intended purpose. Please verify your sources and provide appropriate source and copyright permission information.

For content from Wikipedia.org:

·         follow this link (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Reusing_Wikipedia_content) for important information on reusing material.

·         Note that images and other media may have other licensing restrictions, that you can read about by selecting the corresponding information page.

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