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Using Screenshots - Make your best stand out


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DevStrike! encourages the use of screenshots to highlight your battles and illustrate something you have seen in-game.  Presenting game screenshots can be helpful in several ways. It can help you showcase your gaming skills and demonstrate your achievements, high scores, and other accomplishments in WoWs. Screenshots can also be a great way to capture memorable moments from your gaming experiences, display a glitch, or that all-important moment in a battle.  (This is intended for those members who may be unfamiliar with this process or are seeking improvement with their screenshots)

Here are a few suggestions and tips to make them stand out and get your screenshot viewed with the most impact.

Where to start -

Utilize the "Snipping Tool."  It enables you to prepare screenshots with all the tools in one app (a built-in feature of Windows 10/11).

Windows 11 Snipping Tool Instructions

Windows 10 Snipping Tool Instructions



The Snipping Tool above allows users to crop images, erase, highlight, and pen features (above), or really focus down to precisely what you want to show (below).



Crop your screenshot with a purpose.  Sometimes, an entire screenshot is needed to give meaning to your discussion.  Most of the time, however, small parts work best for clarity and readability for the viewers.

For team results, there are several methods one could use to crop and hide player names.  In the above tool, near the top right side, you will notice "Edit in Paint."  Click on it to further edit.  (Remember, it is forum policy to block player names other than your own)



Example of team screenshot with players' names blocked using "Paint."

Once you open Paint, use the tools at the top of the app to make your edits.  Use "rectangle" and fill with your desired color.  Here, black and blue fill are shown as examples (above).


Example4.png.de9cb90770576a438fa1bb92638ed825.png     Rectangle selected

Example5.png.db8b794676836558f30f7cd774cbe6a5.png     Pull-down menu for "fill" and colors selected.


To still present your team score without all the fuss, you can use the Snipping Tool for a clean crop like the one below.  You can still see your score since World of Warships defaults player totals highlighted in yellow.



An example (below) presents a general idea of editing a screenshot for division play.  This format is easy to read and makes the most impact on the viewer.  There is no wasted space in this edit.



Summary --

Screenshots can add extra value to your discussion in multiple ways.  Proper editing can grab the reader's attention rather than hunting for the point you are trying to make.  

A screenshot can be helpful for viewers for various purposes, such as:

  • Documenting something hard to describe in words (remember, a picture is worth a thousand words).
  • Sharing something interesting, funny, or informative.
  • Teaching something to show rather than to explain, such as a game strategy or tactic.
  • Preserving a moment in time (that best-ever battle)

The above procedures are tips and suggestions, especially for members somewhat unfamiliar with screenshots or how to take them and still conform with the forum's guidelines.  With some practice, you can present screenshots to make the most impact in your discussion.

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