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Is the San Diego still available?


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12 minutes ago, clammboy said:

Sorry I meant is the ship still avaliable to purchase

Oh dear - I do believe WG may have dropped a b0llock (as it is Written): SD is still in the Armory [sic] but it seems that if you have the rental in port then the ship appears as 'obtained'. Thus:


This is my NA account, where I have the rental in port but I certainly don't have the actual ship purchased (I have her on EU, and that's most sufficient!)...

Unless their coders are even more in their cups than usual, I assume that the rental vanishes when you've used up the battles, and the Armory goes back to normal? (Assuming they've not been more efficient than usual, and built some sort of 'go on - buy the thing' pop-up for when the rental finishes.)

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1 hour ago, clammboy said:

Your able to rent it but I dont see it anywhere or am I missing something?

I found the San Diego in the premium shop.

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I went there it wasn’t there I will try again when I get home from work . Thanks for the help. 

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5 minutes ago, clammboy said:

Don’t know if I will go for 11k doubloons was hoping it was for coal too . 

To my knowledge, we've NEVER had a Tier 8 coal premium. I can think of coal ships from Tier 3 all the way to Tier 10... but never Tier 8!

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