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Humor - Two nephews

Tpaktop2_1 NA

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I have two nephews in my family that are extreme opposites. Both are the same age old. One is a USN Chief (career), was invited to be a NAVY SEAL. The other is in transitioning in life and is more of a cell phone hippie. The Chief is salty as heck, and is a joy to be around. He has his life mission goals. The Phone Hippie nephew is working on getting his life going after a few downfalls. He is living with us (wife) because his mother has a full house already and his father is moving to another state. The Chief I have no worries. The Phone Hippie I wonder if he can chew bubble gum and walk at the same time.

The Phone Hippie is environmental, but to a point. If it takes environmental common sense effort, he won't do it. For example we had bad tomatoes in a plastic package. The bad tomatoes are to go into the county compost trash bin. So Phone Hippie threw the whole package, plastic cover, bad tomatoes and all into the organic trash.   😖 He thought he was doing us a favor.

Another thing that raised an eyebrow 🤨 with me is the Phone Hippie does not believe that NASA had landed on the Moon. He stated there is no oxygen in space and therefore the astronauts could not breath up there. He thinks it was a fraud done to the world publicly. I responded then where did all the money go if the moon missions weren't done? There has to be a financial accounting of the money. He could not answer that question.

The latest flash of genius 🤓 the Phone Hippie did was to disconnect my Verizon FIOS power connections and lie to my face that he did nothing. Yesterday we suddenly lost all TV, phone, and internet for a day. I of course was thinking that someone hit our light pole knocking out the neighborhood internet, or Verizon doing some maintenance. This morning everything was still down. So I spent and hour tracking all cable connections inside and out, rebooting the FIOS router, and the finally checking the emergency FIOS UPS. It was then I found the power cable was unplugged. I plugged it back in and TahDa! Everything is working again. I then made a sign to inform users not to unplug the power cord to the emergency FIOS UPS. The name is blacked out on the tag to protect the challenged ones BTW. My wife thinks I am being obnoxious. I think its gets the message across. The Phone Hippie is a piece of work I tell ya.


Verizon Shutoff sign.jpg

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Using a tag to communicate about important equipment?  How very Occupational Health and Safety Administration (O.S.H.A.) of you.  
I like it.  🙂 

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I'd be graphically describing the means of his demise should he even think about touching the power cable again.

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My brother wrote this to me on the subject:


Do you know a pig farmer?  Would your wife be upset if you did?  Why did he unplug the connection?

Of course he is referring to the scene from the movie "Snatch"

The phone hippie nephew did not know when he was rearranging things into a tidier basement.  He knows that now since we had a training course on the matter. BTW, the nephew hates it when I bring up safety course or training  time. He knows he is in trouble.

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