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Pictures from my city Naval History museum and Torpedo Museum


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Hey Mates and Ladies I live in city Rijeka/Fiume where Torpedo is inverted by Ivan Lupis and Robert Whitehead and we have 2 museums which is connected to Navy

1. Rijeka Torpedo museum https://www.muzej-rijeka.hr/en/zbirke/torpedo-of-rijeka/

2. Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka https://ppmhp.hr/en/ - in it you can see life vest from RMS Titanic - RMS Carpathia who save survives from Titanic, sail to Rijeka  from New York and one vest from Titanic stay in my city.

There is pictures from it.

I originally post pictures on old WG forum for event long night in museums.




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Thank you @VedranSeawolf359 for posting here. Some nice pictures! I especially like the one of the Mk 44 gyroscope. It is also amazing to think how well the mk 44 torpedo has held its own over time, despite apparently only having a speed of 30 knots in the early versions in the late 1950s as an anti-sub torpedo. They could still hit! In game I'm unhappy if I don't get 60 knots on my torps (and still I miss bigger ships). 😄

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5 hours ago, VedranSeawolf359 said:

Enjoy 😃

I really did enjoy that very nice post.......The museum looks stunning love the look of it and lots of cool displays and photos . This post gets a 10 ouf 10 thanks for posting something informative and upbeat nice for change.

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Thank you for the wonderful pictures. You may not be aware, but we (HU), had a writer, who wrote an entire series of novels about seafaring , aimed at youngsters,  in which the Adriatic, Fiume, Pola (Pula)  Zengg (Senj), the Nautica , the Nehaj fortress , the bark Ragusa and the schooner Jadran (both fictional ships), play a pivotal role and serve as setting.

His name was Dékány András 



He himself was, for a brief period, a pupil of the aforementioned Nautica.  His books were among my childhoods favourite books.


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