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What ship inside an existing class deserves to be a premium


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my choice

USS San Francisco (CL/CA-38), a New Orleans-class cruiser, was the second ship of three of the United States Navy named after the city of San Francisco, California. Commissioned in 1934, she was one of the most decorated ships of World War II, earning 17 battle stars and the Presidential Unit Citation.

Like most of her sister ships, she saw extensive action during the Guadalcanal campaign, including the Battle of Cape Esperance and the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, during which she was heavily damaged and her captain and admiral killed. Earlier in the battle, she mistakenly fired on the light cruiser Atlanta, causing serious damage and inflicting numerous casualties.

Decommissioned immediately after the end of the war, she was sold for scrap in 1959.

Her bridge wings, damaged during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal and removed during repairs, are now mounted on a peninsula in Golden Gate National Recreation Area. They are set on the great circle course from San Francisco to Guadalcanal.

What ship in an existing class would you like to see made into a premium?

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6 minutes ago, kriegerfaust said:

What ship in an existing class would you like to see made into a premium?

The missing River Plate cruisers would be nice.

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