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Warship strike: Extremely cheap boosters or silver for not much doubloons


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Warship strike returns, but with a price. 250 doubloons per game, or some other resources.

Warships strike gives you a large amount of economic boosters per win, probably to a fault.


If you win, you get 11 green boosters (or a ship at a 3% chance) and 19 of each grey booster.

If you lose, you only get the grey boosters.


Behold, the AI breaking pattern.

If you place your ships avoiding the diagonals (the bot will climb the diagonals 90% of the time), you will win almost every time with the auto battle.

I lost only once, when it did an alternative center spiral pattern.


You get 3 passes each for coal and silver, and are offered 3 for free xp (Don't do it).

I bought 4 passes with 1000 doubloons from ranked rewards.

Those ten games earned:

110 green boosters

760 silver boosters (+152 extra, more on this later)

for $4 in currency (if I bought the doubloons)


What is the direct purchase price of boosters in the armory?

364,800 coal for the silver boosters.

105,600 coal for the green boosters.

470,400 total coal price for these boosters.

If you sell the silver boosters, it's 6,840,000 silver which costs about $15 in the premium shop.


I already have the T2 Almirante Abreau, and won it twice, which gives you a battle pass in compensation.

That gave me an additional 152 silver boosters, two port slots, and two 3 point captains.


Let's face it, if you are an established player, you have multi-thousands of the bonuses. If you are a new player,

spending $4-10 on the game will net you enough boosters to get you through a full year.



By far the cheapest, easiest way to get more boosters. 

By far the cheapest way to "buy" silver if you need some by selling the silver boosters you win.



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