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Up a Tier or and down a tier create you're own ship


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the idea is simple say take a Tier five ship down to tier four or up to tier six the only rule is to change the ships tier by changing it, do you have to do a total overhaul, no maybe just change the stats like load time, speed or range, Feel free to laugh but, id take the Algerie and up a tier 


A simple upgrade to Dallas gun layout from the two four Algerie layout that is two guns in four turrets to the two three two - two of Dallas so eight to ten eight inch guns


Then alter the torpedoes from three - two one on either side to a two - four two on either side and eight total torps instead of six then maybe upgrade the aa or secondaries, also feel free to mock me or better yet fix my Frankin Algerie


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To put it mildly that's... underestimating how much change is going to be introduced on Algerie to create that configuration you described (just take Charles Martel for example to see how large a triple turret will be). And it would be less efficient comparing with the historical C5 heavy cruiser project. And I think historical designs should take precedence over hypothetical/fantasties whenever possible when arranging researchable branches.

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this is not i want to see this ship added to the game, it is more a what would you like to see done to existing ships in the game, a fun exercise in creativity, but let's be honest the Montana is just stick another turret on the Iowa class and many other ships are even less inventive or subtle, Warship design is far less creative then tank design amounting to how can we get more dakka on our ships, more guns, bigger guns that fire faster all the while wrapping them in more armor and making them go faster, hell the craze to strap planes onto everything that floats was one of the driving forces in the Pacific for the Japanese, i am sure if they could have strapped big enough engines they would have turned some of the smaller island's into literal carriers, hell they tried with their battleships and cruisers and sub and like the US might have even tried with there destroyers.

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A better example can be Annapolis vs. Des Moines as protection scheme was reworked on Montana comparing with Iowa.

And that is indeed a viable method of developing new warship designs historically, though sometimes changes are... not aligned with what may be imagined at first thought. Like changing from 8 guns AB-XY into 9 guns AB-X while otherwise keeping internal designs.

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