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Italian Star Wars (Ferretti’s 10/381 in quintuples battleship design)


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Ferretti’s 10/381 in quintuples battleship design

Posted on September 27, 2017 by stefsap

Unfortunately there is not so much known about this design. The original drawing comes from”Warships of the first line of battle” in the “Transactions of the International Engineering Congress” acta, 1916, while the second design seems a fantasy adaption of the first in line with the semisubmersible battleship plans by Soliani.

Armed with 10/381, 12 secondary guns in triples and a large set of AA weaponry, this design remains rather obscure.





Proof Italians are fighters and not engineers

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4 hours ago, ArIskandir said:


The Italians did have the biggest naval guns of the 19th Century ironclad era. At sea, in ships built in steel. 

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