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New Clan Battle Tool


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My clanmate @Exchequer told me about a new tool that was posted on WG's Discord server. I don't really frequent it much so I'm thankful that he does. This new tool is supposed to help with creating comps used with CB. I haven't spent a lot of time with it but being that tonight is the start of Season 23, I figured I would share.


For those on Discord, here's the link.

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I have found a new clan battle tool..........Lent.  Or, Abstinence if you prefer...  Seems our clan can't even get a team together anymore since everyone left.....  

But, all in all, Lent works well....

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1 hour ago, I_cant_Swim_ said:

Yes, I was planning a section for online resources. I love your suggestion for a title @Admiral_Karasu. "the WoWs Tool Kit"


2 hours ago, Admiral_Karasu said:

Do we need a tool section? A tool kit of sorts, a resource page with links and so on? Guides and Resources?

Funny, this is the name of the folder where I keep many of wows related bookmarks.

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