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Join the DevStrike Team! <Winter 2023 initiative>


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As you know, folks, we here at DevStrike! are all volunteers, and now we are looking for additional help in a few areas. 


  • Forum moderators. Ideally, you would have some prior moderating experience, but this is not critical. More importantly, you love the game and want to learn more and share your passion for it with others from all corners of the globe. You are reliable, have time to spare on an almost daily basis, you can work as part of a team and you take constructive criticism positively. You are able to follow guidelines and help others on do so as well. You do not involve your ego in discussions and in the handling of conflicts, you are  impartial and empathic in your approach, and you can take active part in discussions  in an objective and constructive manner.


  • Social Media Editor. You love the game. You are fluent in English, know your way about X, Twitch, and YouTube, and can handle accounts and content on both. You can work in a team, set goals and work on attaining them with a passion. You want to show the beauty of the game to others in images, text, and videos. Creativity is your forte. It would be great if you know your way around graphics and video editing software.


  • Front-End Administrator. Code is your cuppa. You can handle custom CSS and JavaScript. Organized and goal-oriented, you love presenting well-structured, uncluttered web pages to a readership.  You can handle an ACP, create and maintain member groups and privileges. Meticulous is your middle name, and you provide site and data security the highest priority. You are honest, do not exaggerate what you can or cannot achieve, and you can follow and develop a central strategy.


If you feel you fit the bill, and have time and positive energy to spare, and are burning to share your skill with us on a voluntary basis, we'd be positively gobsmacked to hear from you.

You can contact the acting CM or the senior Administrator. They’re the same guy.


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