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Ranked Battles as a Litmus Paper


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When I saw the condition for the new Ranked in Gold on NA server - I could only say: WG didn't we warn you? WG didn't we tell you?

Now we have Ranked in Gold 5 vs 5

I wrote on the old Forum only a few months ago as they made ranked in Gold 6 vs 6 instead 7 vs 7, that it's a warning sight that the game is going down the drain, and asked a question: What's next 5 vs 5? But even I with all my skepticism couldn't predict that it would happen so soon...

Online is going down despite all WG efforts to attract players for even just entering the game... What's next? Get a super container for just hitting the like button under WOWS video on YouTube?

Doesn't WG see that those handouts don't help?!

Random, on t-10 ships, in prime time (evening) you quite often play not 12 vs 12 but 10 vs 10 or even less. I'm talking about the prime time, not 2 or 3 a.m.

But I write this not to say: "I was right", I have no joy due to that.

I'd like to ask WG staff, do they understand that all that is the direct consequences of their decisions? Decisions about what our community was crying out loud begging them DO NOT DO THAT!!

1)subs    2) CVs      3) Air Escort mode in Random Battles

Unfortunately, I can't ask them cuz I couldn't post this topic even on their Discord "forum" - got a message "Watch your language". I changed a lot of words in my post - but the result was the same.

What can save the game - WG has to start listening to the community: remove subs & CVs !!! Make Air Escort a separate mode. Cuz they're toxic in this game, they're killing the game, and they're forcing players (first of all WG's beloved player base - rookies) to quit the game because there's no counterplay against them!!!

How it could be made - first make them available in a separate mode only. You'll see the result immediately.

Once again, dear WG staff - it's not a question of whether you like it or not, it's a question are you able to save the game and your job by the way, or not.

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Lately, I have been stuck in many short-roster random battles (queue dumps) with multiple CVs and subs.  Not fun…

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i dont play a lot, but 5 games last night in bronze and topped 3 and second in the other two. lost them all. 

would drive me crazy to get to gold!!

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10 minutes ago, Mono_De_Mantequilla said:

Lately, I have been stuck in many short-roster random battles (queue dumps) with multiple CVs and subs.  Not fun…

100% agree

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