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Logging in?


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Sure would be nice if logging in to the game through the GC actually meant; you know; LOGGING IN.

If I'm not logged in to the main website; (which; for some odd reason I don't have much reason to visit regularly any more:) then the port UI doesn't let me collect the Armory log in freebie.

It also doesn't load the news page normally, and probably some other things I haven't noticed.

(If you log in to the main website, but don't visit regularly; your log in times out; even if it still shows your handle in the upper right corner. This causes annoying things in-game.)

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The entire point of daily login rewards is to tempt players to log into the game when they otherwise might not. While you’re there, maybe you will play a battle or two.

Its not surprising that WG has it set up the way it is.

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