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Something odd happened on the way to the office


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<Radio presenter, excitedly> … a rare move described by industry insiders as brazen and thoroughly unscripted, DevStrike! Community Manager Sir See-Em Fournow has seized the reigns of organizational leadership from the Only Group of Administrators at DevStrike!, oGAD. I don't know how they did it. But more from our reporter Mrs Sippi Nobody, who is live on site:>


<Nobody> Sir See-Em, sir! If I may… a few questions please, Mrs Sippi Nobody for DvS News. How did you pull it off! The takeover. Was it difficult?

<See-Em> Dee-vee-us.. hmm.. can’t quite…

<Nobody> The takeover. Was it difficult?

<See-Em> hmm? Oh yes, very.  Difficult, yes, quite.

<Nobody> How did you do it, so spectacularly.

<See-Em> well, I … I.. erm.. and  yes, whoosh… haha! If I may say so myself.

<Nobody> You… what? Whooshed?

<See-Em> Quite right. A little .. prrress… and whoosh, and… all that.

<Nobody> You pressed something. A button.

<See-Em> Haha! Yes. Difficult, difficult, but I did, yes. Whoosh, slide, the table, you know.

<Nobody> You pushed a button to slide ahead on the Staff Table?

<See-Em> Whoosh! Quite spectacular. You can see it… over there.

<Nobody> Got that already. So, what does this change bring about… what can we expect from it?

<See-Em> Hmm? Well, we can expect a great… a great… day… for everybody

<Nobody> Who’s that?

<See-Em> hmm? Well, you know, it brings… things, makes… things, For - um… yes.

<Nobody> different.

<See-Em> Well, ... I don’t know…I wouldn’t go quite that far… haha.. difficult to explain, and all that.

<Nobody> But better. It’ll make things better?

<See-Em>  Yes, yes, why not… certainly, and mmh.. For – um... for ever. yes…

< Nobody> And can we expect big changes in the future under your leadership? Improvements?

<See-Em> Imper-roove… well I err.. but of course, yes big, big… Important stuff, you know.

< Nobody> What will the first change be? Something important already?

<Oh, haha! Yes… very…

< and?...

<Hmm? Oh I’m removing the asses, you know. There were far too many of them, I’m sure. I mean really…

<Nobody> You’re removing the what?

<See-Em> the asses. Far too many, you see. Couldn’t handle them. No, no. Not good at all, if you can’t … get to grips … with them all. You see one, turn a cheek, and there’s the other! Now that just won’t do, you know. Quite unsightly, too.

<Nobody> So the Admin had too many… asses… around?

<See-Em> Huh? Tut tut, Now don’t be rude! And silly. Admin has no asses. No, no. Nottatall… nottatall. I should know gyatt, now shouldn’t I. I’ve studdyddim.

<Nobody> What was that?

<What was what.

<Nobody> That.. gyatt... studdyddim.

<Exactly. All of 'em, in fact.

<but you said..



<See-Em> Oh, for crying out loud. Asses!


<See-Em> ass-es! By Weegee, did you never learn to spell, MissesShipi…



<You mean… S’s

<See-Em> You got there finally, Missus Ippi.

<Nobody> So you’re removing them.

<See-Em> Quite. Gone! Poof. Wave them off, you know! Hurrah! One is better ass bare, so there’s less to stare. Something like that.

<Nobody> Well, I think you mean more…


<You mean... moar

<See-Em> Sigh. I suppose we do need more, whatever. Well, it was quite difficult, you see. I’d never…prressed before…

<Nobody> We'd better move on.. do you subscribe to the notion of a transitory role and conceding your post on the 1st of April next year.

<Wh…? Now I…huh!

<Nobody> Will the Community Manager role be re-awarded yearly as of 1st of April next year, with a vote of confidence every six ...

<Phht. Now, Oh, where did I …. Well fancy that! Haha, my telephone! Tut! Sorry…

<Nobody> Sir See-Em!


<Nobody> What are you doing!

< krschh…prschh… it’s the line, you see, not very good, oh no. Krschh…prschh… prschh…

<Sir See-Em!

< prschh… krschh…prschh… prschh… krschh…prschh… prschh…

<What <are> you doing! You’re right in front of me!

<prschh… krschh…prschhprschh… …  . …. krr…

<Sir See-Em! Wait! Come back!


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Read this if you couldn't find the energy to work out the message from the above:



The dry version:

I've activated the functions of the acting Community Manager role (acting CM), which is to supersede the role of Administrator in hierarchy. The acting CM position (See-Em Fournow above) will be relinquished by me no later than April 1st, 2024, with my successor appointed some time before that so there is time for training. My first action as acting CM with the new powers today (after pressing buttons) was relabeling of the forum member groups (removal of the -s). Folks can follow development of the staff structure using the link provided above, but here it is again . Additionally, I added a reminder that we would welcome additional staff.

* Mississippi, suggested in the name Mrs Sippi Nobody , was supposed to help make you work out it was about the -s, as Sir See-Em always got the name wrong ("did you never learn to spell, MissesShipi"). Some particular words relate to recent posts, for instance as kindly provided by @BOBTHEBALL, but let's not go there right now.

* <Nobody> was the indicator that the text had been composed by our pseudo-staff member nobody, and hence the post originally lacked a poster name (nobody posted it, get it?). So not spam. I reacquired the post after the first concerned forumites raised the spam alarm...  A couple of other things included too, but of lesser importance, like a suggestion that the work for role setting changes was a bit difficult, that the changes were to ensure the longevity of the Forum ( For – um... for ever) etc.


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