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Interesting Game! :-)


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Yes, I did win.

Objective was important, so I skirted around a couple of islands on the North-Western side, while the other player waited for a while and then headed directly into my cap.

I knew where the player was all the time because they launched their spotter plane on multiple times.

I was a little late into their cap, but they launched their spotter plane again, giving me an idea of where they were in my cap.

I fired at them, hitting them and resetting their counter.

Then I retreated out of detection range while watching their spotter plane for their position.

The plane never got close enough to spot me, but told me where they were moving to when they realised that I had a lead and that they needed to shoot me to reset the counter - thus leaving my cap.

They did not make it in time and the only salvo I fired was instrumental in setting up the win.

It was boring, though 🙂

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19 minutes ago, majmac said:

Yes, I did win.

Great victory.  But think of this: Even if you lost, you would have been above the average player WR.  

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