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Top Grade Gunner Questions


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I've never used this cruiser captain's skill, but have recently been working it on Cherbourg and I have two questions.

1.  When did WG change the condition from a ship "spotted within" to simply "within" your normal detection range?

2.  Does "ship" include "sub"?


Never mind:  I worked the training room and it's still effectively "spotted within" even though the TGG in-game wording doesn't include spotted.


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It hadn't occurred to me, until reading this topic, to wonder whether or not a submarine's surfaced/submerged status affected the "Top Grade Gunner" skill.

Thanks to both of you, @SoshiSone and @BOBTHEBALL, for posting in this topic and giving it enough activity for me to see it in the all-activity sorting of the forum topics.  🙂 

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