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Brown Water Navy (Big Fish in a small pond)


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What small ship would you like to see in its own mode (Destroyer, DE, Frigate, Sloop, Corvette, Guard Ship, Torpedo boat, Monitor, Seaplane Carrier, cutter and other)

USCGC Owasco (WPG-39), 1945. Her World War II armament of twin 5"/38 cal gun turrets is apparent here.
Class overview
Name Owasco class
Operators 23px-Ensign_of_the_United_States_Coast_G United States Coast Guard
Preceded by Wind class
Succeeded by Hamilton class
Built 1944–1946
In commission 1945–1974
Completed 13
Scrapped 13
General characteristics
Type Cutter
  • 1,978 full (1966)
  • 1,342 light (1966)
  • 254 ft (77.4 m) oa.
  • 245 ft (74.7 m) pp.
Beam 43 ft 1 in (13.1 m)
Draft 17 ft 3 in (5.3 m) (1966)
Installed power 4,000 shp (3,000 kW) (1945)
Propulsion 1 x Westinghouse electric motor driven by a turbine, (1945)
Speed 17 knots (31 km/h; 20 mph).
  • 6,157 mi (9,909 km) at 17 knots
  • 10,376 mi (16,699 km) at 10 knots (19 km/h; 12 mph) (1966)
Complement 10 officers, 3 warrants, 130 enlisted (1966)
Sensors and
processing systems
  • Detection Radar: SPS-23, SPS-29, Mk 26, Mk 27 (1966)
  • Sonar: SQS-1 (1966)
Notes Fuel capacity: 141,755 gal (Oil, 95%).
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