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I got the Yoshino B from North pole tokens BF Crate

Tpaktop2_1 NA

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I looked at LWM review here

I am trying to decide what to do in outfitting the gear and commander. To me this is an old Deadeye skill ship. I have seen in Random matches where you broadside the Yoshino with BBs because it is a citadel city ship. The torps seemed to be used for running away or area denial, or you kite and dodge at long range as the norm. I played the Yoshino B in Co-Op and it seems very sluggish in turning, which is why to me it get blaps in a turn away in Random matches.

I still have questions on the ship. What good is the ship for other than anniversary rewards? Is this a Division ship? I would like to know how you would upgrade the ship and what commander skills you would recommend. I have a 10 skill commander so far with the ship. Would the Yamamoto commander be the better play with the Yoshino in matches?


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2 hours ago, Tpaktop2_1 NA said:

"I got the Yoshino B from North pole tokens BF Crate
By Tpaktop2_1 NA

I looked at LWM review here

I am trying to decide what to do in outfitting the gear and commander.  ..."


Personally, I'm fond of the Yoshino because she's the bigger sister of the Azuma (and I like Commander Azuma's voice).
That said, I like the Yoshino on its own merits, too.
Big guns (for a Cruiser) and a lot of torpedoes with potent warheads make for some fun shenannigans (in Co-op, at least, but I've sailed both ships in other modes, such as brawls).

My current Yoshino build is ...

Main Armaments Mod-1,
Damage Control System Mod-1,
Aiming Systems Mod-1,
Steering Gears Mod-1,
Concealment System Mod-1 (Sometimes I swap this for Steering Gears improvement, for use in modes where concealment is less of a priority),
Auxiliary Armaments Mod-2,

There's a choice of torpedoes available.  
I've selected the torpedoes with a 12 km range.  
For me they provide a maximum damage of 23,767 and a speed of 67 knots.

Consumables are ...
Damage Control Party
Repair Party (5 charges)
Fighter Plane
Hydro-acoustic Search

Captain's skills {for Commander Kirishima (the 2nd.)}
1 point skills = Grease the Gears and Last Stand
2 point skill   = Fill the Tubes
3 point skill   = Superintendent
4 point skill   = Concealment Expert
Total points used = 11 skill points.
(I have 3 un-used skill points that I'm deciding what to do with.)

Hope that helps.

Edited to correct my math and offer Congratulations on your Yoshino-B @Tpaktop2_1 NA🙂 

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